1. Wear closed in leather shoes, no flammable, loose or flowing clothing. Long hair must be tied up in a bun.
  2.  I do not recommend beginners use or purchase oxygen tanks to mix with natural or LP gas. Visuals will explain and show you what equipment to start off with. Due care must be taken with LP or Butane gas usage. Turn off the taps gently. Account for delays as the gas empties from the lines. Learn which way is ON and OFF. Remove flammable items and people from the line of fire. Do not place the flame too close to the silver, or the brick. Use a stainless steel bench or cover wooden benches with tiles. Never solder on plastic or synthetic benches.
  3. Never heat an enclosed, hollow 3D object. Drill holes so that the trapped gases do not explode.
  4. Keep fingers away from blade when sawing especially if you break one. Dispose of broken blades immediately. Do not recycle. Do not touch broken ends.
  5. Avoid skin and eye contact with ‘Pickle’, Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate. Don’t breathe in the fumes when wet or the dust when dry. Read and follow usage instructions and First Aid Information on product label.
  6. Avoid skin and eye contact with Flux. Again follow instructions on label as this is another poison. Wear a protective fume mask when soldering.
  7. When polishing on the bench grinder or the mini polisher, safety glasses must be worn. Long hair tied up, no loose clothing. Dust masks are also recommended. Do not polish chains at any time on these machines.
  8. Never touch hot metal – use tweezers or tongs.