Do not purchase anything until you see the visuals as the items need explanations. And ensure you have purchased your tools and equipment

In Australia I buy my tools from Australian Jewellers Supplies. I buy some equipment and hardware from Bunnings and Mitre 10

Recommended Reference Books:

  • Jewellery Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht
  • The Jeweller’s Bench Reference by Harold O’Connor
  • Product Catalogue 2019 Australian Jewellers Supplies

Student Notes

Sterling Silver

For Lesson One you will need the following:

  • Sterling Silver .925 Sheet or plate metal: 1mm thickness: 70mm x 30mm. This is enough to make 3-4 rings eventually.
  • Hard, Medium and Easy S/Silver Solder (.5mm wire is ideal)
  • Printer grade paper and pen
  • Steel Ruler and Scriber
  • Sturdy Bench and wooden bench Peg
  • Fixed Sawframe and Blades
  • No 1 Vallorbe Round Back
  • Medium Grade Sandpaper on a flat stick.
  • 6” flat to half round medium grade file.
  • Needle files (Equalling or Pillar file for this lesson)
  • To anneal and solder you need:
  • Fireproof table or bench
  • LP (or Propane Gas) bottle and gas Burner
  • Magnesium Block
  • Solder Tweezers and Side cutters
  • Pickle Salts or (Safe Pickle) and glass or ceramic bowl to keep it warm
  • Copper tongs
  • Hog or goat hair paint brush
  • To form the ring:
  • Round Ring Mandrel
  • Rawhide hammer.
  • Flat to Half Round Ring Pliers.
  • To polish the ring:
  • Tripoli and Poly ‘Rouge’ compounds
  • Bench Grinder such as Ryobi with tapered Spindles
  • 2 x Calico Polishing Mops
  • Mini Tool such as Dremel or Roc and felt mops
  • Biodegradable soap and soft hair paintbrush

For Lesson Two you will need the following:

  • 10 grams 1mm round .925 wire.
  • Mini Round Mandrel 3mm to 10mm
  • 25cm long pieces of round dowel from 5mm to 12mm in diameter. Poly pipe or metal is suitable.
  • We will start with jump rings 8mm and you can vary every second one with larger or smaller links.
  • Roll of 20mm wide masking tape. Not office tape. Buy from Auto shop.
  • Flat pliers, round pliers
  • Steel binding wire. .5mm to .8mm
  • Bench Vice

Lesson Three

  • Full half round .925 wire 3mm x 1.5mm for medium size cuff approx. 300mm long (280mm small – 310mm large)
  • Round Bangle Mandrel