Earrings Sterling Silver


Moroccan brass handmade beads with Murano glass. Sterling Silver .925



Earrings Sterling silver .925 featuring Moroccan brass beads and Italian glass beads.


Wendy Springfield Jewellery School handcrafts all jewellery items in her Sunshine Coast home studio, using a variety of precious metals including 925 Silver, Gold and Copper. Her designs feature high-quality Gemstones or precious items such as Morano Glass or Red Coral. Her unique and original designs bring metal to life as if it has an energy of its own.
Whether you are seeking a ring, earrings, necklaces, bangles or bracelets A selection of her wares are available here on the Wendy Springfield Jewellery School website, or via Facebook, Instagram or assorted Sunshine Coast Galleries. If you are interested in exploring your creativity or a lucrative hobby, why not book in for a 1-to-3-day class on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast.